Webservice ESWS API documentation (MGMT server)

Getting Started with the ESWS API

This is the guide for using the ESWS API

The base url for the API is: https://ws.i3.identysoft.com/webservicesesws?wsdl

1. Any I3 company can use the ESWS webservice given they know their security code

2. p_companyID is the security code each company will be provided with

3. Error messages we send from all SOAP calls:
'ERROR_UNKNOWN_SECURITY_HASH' - the security provided is not valid, we don't know to which company to connect
'ERROR_NO_SECURITY_HASH' - the security is not provided.
'Company is Branches but no group name specified. It is required for this type of company.'
'Company is Branches but the group name specified does not exists.'
'NO_ID_RECEIVED' - in case when an Id is required
'INCORRECT_ID_RECEIVED' - in case of updateUser the Id must be between 1 and 400000000

4. We are able to export any special character from the I3 database with our webservice, however we are able to import only special characters for which the ASCII code is less or equal with 255 (for a complete list check the link at: https://dev.w3.org/html5/html-author/charref). This restriction is only related to the updateUser functions. The special characters which can not be imported will be replaced with a ? sign.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: When calling any of our functions please use all parameters and the same order as presented in the examples. Even if the parameter is optional and you do not want/need to set a value for a specific parameter add empty string.